Galerie NuEdge – The Miami Mansion

The street level front door brought me into a space that contrasted the historic elegance of Montreal’s Golden Square Mile as successfully as it did the February precipitation. The gallery did however excel at effectively channeling the pretension and coldness. Continue reading


Galerie Valentin – The Private School

Outside, facing the luxurious shops, restaurants, and medical clinics on the most distinguished strip of Sherbrooke West, near Montreal’s Museum of Fine Arts and Ritz Carlton Hotel, I stood for a minute debating if I should walk into the Galerie Valentin with my snow covered boots.

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Mystery Art Shopping

I have been in the realm of retail for nearly 15 years, as a sales associate, store manager, buyer, and wholesaler. I also had the luxury of reinforcing  my professional experience with graduate-level business studies at a premier university thanks to my province’s socialized education system. I completed some fine arts courses during my undergrad, I paint, and I try to be involved in the local art scene. My focus here is the point where the art and business worlds intersect at the art gallery.  Continue reading


Galerie de Bellefeuille – The Luxury Dealership

I was struck by the impressive façade, well-kept and elegant, although outside of my usual preference for older stone or less old brutalist concrete, this building struck a special chord reminding me of the Ghostbusters’ firehouse. Walking up the brief staircase, under the archway, between two tremendous but neutral paintings, I understood I was entering an institution.  Continue reading


Han Art – Dinner with the Chef

On an unassuming strip in lower-Westmount, next to a dry-cleaner, I walked into Han Art. The newly renovated, street-level façade was an appropriate space for a luxury retailer or trendy cafe. The contemporary black-clad iron pleasantly contrasted the ornate stone pillars, which seems to have inspired the curation of artwork in the window display – a hyper realistic indigenous figure accompanying a colourful abstraction.  Continue reading